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The Genesys Genii Series

The Genesys Genii Series Multi-Well Gamma Counters

Designed for the medium to larger size clinical or research laboratory, these units have a number of unique features.


The Genesys Genii s long list of features, compact size and simple operation make it the ideal choice for any lab doing a medium to larger amount of RIA work or general gamma counting.

Modern electronics mean fewer components, which results in lower cost and better reliability. Software features easy to follow menus yet a powerful list of features makes it ideal for almost any application. The small size makes it easy to fit into a crowded lab environment.


  • Detectors - Well-type, NaI(tl) crystal(s) coupled to high gain photomultiplier tube(s). Contains removable plastic liner(s). Greater than 80% efficiency for I125 and Co57.
  • Background - Less than 45 cpm for I125 window
  • Isotopes - I125, Co57, I125/Co57, plus user programmable windows up to 1000 KEV. Simultaneous counting of dual isotopes.
  • ADC - 4096 channel analyzer for extremely accurate calibration and counting. Live real-time isotope spectrum display.
  • Data Reduction - All RIA, IRMA, Ratio and screening assays may be performed. Curve fits include: Point-to-Point, Straight Line, Weighted Straight Line ,Cubic Spline and Four Parameter Logistic.
  • Calibration - Automatic detector high voltage calibration.
  • Display - Backlit LCD (4.5 inch diagonal) for graphical display of curves, L-J Charts, Isotope spectra, etc.
  • Software - Menu-driven, easy to use software integrates the display and alpha numeric keypad.
  • Dimensions - 20 inches width x 13.5 inches depth x 10.5 inches height Weight - 88-92 lb. (depending on the number of detectors)
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Made In USA


Laboratory Technologies, Inc. is proud to say that all of our products are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. In fact the Genesys, Wiper and Multi-Wiper series counters have the most US content of any manufacturer.


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