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System Features and Navigation

Easy to follow, clear concise menus will have you breezing through the software in no time. Using the alpha numeric keypad, you simply make your menu choice–it is that simple.

The Wiper Gold has built in detector gain calibration, efficiency routines and a host of other diagnostic tests to make monitoring the Wipers performance simple and accurate.


The Wipe Library

The Wipe Library, allows for up to 40 different wipe locations. The Wiper Gold can accommodate even large facilities on a budget. You can choose to enter a specific isotope per location, or you may scan the entire energy spectrum to identify any isotope that is over trigger.

With three different ways to determine detector efficiency, your results will always report accurately in DPM, CPM, Becquerels and Curies.


The Isotope Library

The Wiper Gold comes pre-programmed with the most popular isotopes, and using Autospect your Wiper Gold is ready to get to work right out of the box. Of course, you can choose to calculate the detector efficiency using a calibrated tube or rod source, or hand enter a value.


Sample Volume Correction

Do you ever run tests that have tubes with different sample volumes? With sample volume correction, volume dependency is a thing of the past. Each Isotope can be calibrated with a volume correction curve. You can create a curve with up to 8 data points for accurate results across all volumes. Any sample volume counted will be corrected when the feature is enabled.

When you configure you custom Test, you can enable sample volume correction. With sample volume correction, you can enter a single volume for all you tubes, or specify a different volume for each tube. In the end, your results will all be corrected to the maximum efficiency.


Test Library

The Wiper Gold has 16 configurable tests. Give your test a name, choose an isotope, pick a count time, choose iterations (1-100). Background subtraction, decay correction and sample volume correction are all within your control.

With the Wiper Gold ,you can even choose to screen a sample with up to 100 iterations. Set it up and walk away. Count times can be 1 second up to 16 hours for each iteration. A report with the results of each iteration will be waiting for you when the test is complete.

The Wiper Gold is not your average wipe counter. Advanced design can accurately handle count rates over 300,000 CPS (18 million CPM).


Decay Calculator

The Wiper Gold contains a powerful built-in calculator that allows you to decay a sample to any time, past or future. Select an isotope and count your sample, then tell the Wiper Gold the date to decay to.

Do not have a sample to run? No problem. The Wiper Gold can decay a keypad entered value as well.

But this is not all. The decay calculator can even predict the date your sample will have a certain activity. Count a sample, enter the absolute activity you want your sample to be and the Wiper Gold will tell you the exact date and time your sample will be, (or has been) that activity.


MCA Functions

The Wiper Gold incorporates the power of an expensive Multi-Channel Analyzer. With the Wiper nPh, you can set a Region of Interest (ROI), find a peak, zoom in/out, adjust the baseline, run Full Width Half Max (FWHM), correct for gamma efficiency with Autospect, set a marker channel, and more.

No other wipe test counter has all these features for such a small price. In fact, not at any price!


System Diagnostics

The ability to self monitor and calibrate your instrument is paramount to running an efficient operation. The Wiper Gold has many diagnostic routines built-in to help determine the health of the system.

Periodic checks such as background and efficiency help maintain the calibration of the Wiper nPhD. Semi-annual routines like Gain Adjust, FWHM, Chi Square and RAM tests, give you a firm picture of Wiper Gold performance and durability.



The Wiper Gold wipe counter incorporates a unique feature we have developed. AutoSpect uses a combination of hardware and software to compensate for detector efficiency variations across the energy spectrum, plus the gamma abundance number to correct for the unique qualities of each isotope. AutoSpect corrects for this energy variance behind the scenes, without the need for user intervention. This delivers superior results, more accurate absolute activity, and hassle-free regulatory compliance.


For more detailed information on AutoSpect download the AutoSpect.pdf.