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The Wiper Gold

A Higher Degree of Performance

The Wiper GoldĀ is specifically designed for Nuclear Pharmacies and Cyclotron operations. The Wiper Gold features a 4096 channel (12-bit) analyzer, and unique automatic DPM calculation called AutoSpect.

AutoSpect can determine DPM for any gamma emitting isotope under 1 MEV without the need for a reference standard.


The key to any good instrument is ease of use. The best features in the world are of no value if the software is too difficult to use. By integrating a graphical display and an alphanumeric keypad, we make the menu based software simple to navigate. No arrow keys or scrolling needed to get between functions. No confusing paths to remember; just straight forward, simple dialogue.

Take a look at our feature list below. You will quickly get an idea of the level of sophistication built into this counter. You will also see, through the screens shown, just how easy the software is to use.


  • Choose results in CPM, DPM, nCi, uCi, mCi, Bq, KBq or MBq
  • User-programmable trigger levels
  • Reverse decay a test run of samples automatically
  • Q.C. hot samples - 300,000+ CPS with excellent linearity
  • Exceeds NRC and state requirements
  • Calibrate with Cs137, Na22 or Co57
  • AutoSpect automatic DPM
  • Sample volume correction
  • view and analyze samples with a 4096 channel MCA
  • Extremely flexible sample count times
  • Decay calculator; decay a sample to the past or future
  • Iterative count function, Set it up and walk away
  • Powerful, yet simple to use
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Made In USA


Laboratory Technologies, Inc. is proud to say that all of our products are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. In fact the Genesys, Wiper and Multi-Wiper series counters have the most US content of any manufacturer.


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